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House prices post strongest annual growth in nearly three years
Osborne warns over 'badly-timed' Tobin tax
Bank of England says no to more QE
ECB holds interest rates on hopes of recovery
Brussels dismisses 'plainly wrong' IMF criticism over Greece
China-EU trade war a risk for UK growth
Hard-line ECB washes hands of jobless crisis, sees no 'Japanese' deflation
If the Labour Party won't spend, what's the point of it?
EUs unaccountability poses a danger to global economy
Roger Bootle looks to sell Capital Economics
Businesses with bright ideas 'more likely to face funding hurdles'
Saudi prince sues Forbes over size of fortune
Sir Mervyn King attacks EU financial transaction tax
Bank raises growth forecast in rare boost for economy
Heroic Spain is damned if it does, and damned if it doesn't
Foreign-born workers account for 50pc of rise in employment
Recovery hopes as Japan economy expands again
Exiting QE could 'undermine the recovery', IMF warns
One and two cent coins could disappear under EU plans
Japan storms back on weak yen but Asia trembles
There may be no halting this tax juggernaut
EU referendum row a 'distraction' from growth
Coalition minister claims he can see 'green shoots' of recovery
BoE's Weale douses Carney stimulus hopes
Olympics chief Lord Deighton carries a torch for infrastructure
He may be unpaid, but Lord Deighton has gone from heading Locog to ensuring that projects worth £310bn come to fruition.

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Political chaos pushes Turkey to front of emerging market rout
Turkey's financial markets are braced for trouble this week after five days of anti-government protests across the country that left at least 79 people injured, gravely damaging the image of Europes rising star.

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China manufacturing shrinks more than expected in May
China's manufacturing activity shrank more than first reported in May, HSBC said on Monday, confirming the first contraction in seven months.

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Bangladesh disaster helps drive UK manufacturing
Demand for British-made clothing following the collapse of a clothing factory in Bangladesh helped UK manufacturing output soar to its highest level in more than a year in May.

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Stocks fall on China data
The sell-off in global stock markets continued today as poorly-received manufacturing data from China and lingering worries over an end to US stimulus measures unnerved traders.

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Eurozone manufacturing downturn eases
The eurozone's manufacturing downturn has eased for the first time in four months, with the bloc's four major economies all displaying marked improvements.

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Lloyds and RBS cut lending to UK economy by £2.6bn in first quarter
The Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group cut lending to the economy by £2.6bn in the first three months of the year, as the two state-backed lenders shunned a Government scheme to boost loans to small and medium sized businesses.

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A more businesslike government would do wonders for Britain
The last thing we need now is to prop up failing industries, subsidise failing regions and try and run industry from Whitehall, says George Freeman.

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Global shock as manufacturing contracts in US and China
Manufacturing has begun to contract in the US and China for the first time since the Lehman crisis, raising fears of a synchronized downturn in the worlds two largest economies.

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You thought central bank money printing was at an end? Dont bet on it
Over the past month, there has been something of a sell-off in sovereign bond markets, leading some to speculate that the era of record low interest rates is drawing to a close.

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Labours 'iron discipline should be put to the test
Who is the great villain in modern British history? Who is the single person most to blame for our economic travails? Ed Balls would like to persuade the public, as he almost seems to have persuaded himself, that the answer is George Osborne. In a keynote speech yesterday, the shadow chancellor argued (again) that Labour left a golden economic legacy, despite the momentary hiccup of the financial crisis. Then came Mr Osborne and his cuts, which caused weeds to sprout in place of green shoots.

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Shinzo Abe 'to urge use of $2 trillion savings to aid growth'
Japan's government is set to urge the nation's public pension funds - a pool of more than $2 trillion (£1.3 trillion) - to increase their investment in equities and overseas assets as part of a growth strategy being readied by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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Black market is 10pc of UK economy, says IEA
Britain's black market accounts for about 10pc of the economy, or more than £150bn a year, depriving the country of billions of pounds of lost taxes, according to a report by the Institute of Economic Affairs.

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British retail bounces back in May
The weather-beaten retail sector made a comeback in May, fuelling hopes the economy could be gaining a firmer footing.

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Housebuilding drive lifts UK construction in May
A housebuilding jump in May gave Britains fragile construction industry a shot in the arm and helped the sector to expand for the first time in seven months.

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Britain puts brake on slide in European car sales
MPs consider inquiry into London listing rules
Markets are on a crazy, sugar-fuelled journey
Help to Buy puts mortgage market at risk, says King
Sir Mervyn King attacks Osborne plan to boost housing market
UK exporters look beyond sluggish EU
BIS and IMF attacks on QE 'deeply misguided'
Germans blame eurozone crisis for Eurovision flop
'Economic case to stay in EU is overwhelming'
Inflation 'may hamper Carney, warns ITEM Club
Japan upgrades growth outlook
Paul Tucker risks row over bank rescue plans
EU arms second front in China trade war with Huawei probe
Attacks on tax avoidance 'could damage Britain'
Japanese growth could be 'sugar high'
Britain is already in trouble without the IMF making it worse
UK exit from EU would be 'loss/loss scenario', warns Goldman Sachs
Demanding clients get small firms investing at last
UK inflation: sharp fall eases household squeeze
Nigel Farage's biggest problem is Ukip doesn't do details
What next for inflation and interest rates?
Europe faces lost decade, says Mark Carney
Stocks are booming, so beware the bust
HMRC 'errors' cost country £5bn, say MPs
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